Eugen Schramm

Born on 31.1.1979 in Miasskoye, I spent my childhood in Shumovo, Moscow and in Anapa on the Black Sea. I learned the basic techniques of painting by my own wish from September 1986 to December 1989 in the municipal school of fine arts in Anapa on a half-day basis in addition to the regular school routine. Especially my mother, Lilli Schramm, encouraged my artistic talent. Our escape to Germany in 1990 led us to Bonn. The early death of my father, Alexander Koschkarov, and the unsuccessful search for a suitable art mentor made me an autodidact. With the comprehensive knowledge in the realistic, but also abstract representation of motifs, I now began to create my own form and color combinations and to use new materials and media.

Artistic approach and working method

Since the beginning of 2005 I have been known nationally and internationally as a freelance visual artist and entrepreneur. I work on commissions for renowned corporations, companies and museums. I am also constantly expanding my range of knowledge and experience in cooperation with artists, designers, curators and architects.

During the last 9 years I have been intensively engaged in fluorescent 3D black light painting and digital video projection. During this time I have developed a wide range of fluorescent colors. The combination and arrangement of these colors gives volume to the painted objects when using 3D Chromodepth glasses and gives great depth to the subjects. With this technique huge panoramic worlds for numerous museums and companies could be realized. These include miniature golf halls in Germany and Dubai, interior design in the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, a whole roller coaster interior in the Europa-Park in Rust and many other outstanding projects.
I’m currently working on interactive installations and free painting.

I am a member of the Künstlergruppe Bonn, the SiggiAitch crew and the BBK Bonn Rhein-Sieg.


I impart my knowledge at schools and vocational training centers and also in my private life to motivate talented young people for artistic professions. In 2023 I founded an association with friends to promote and support young and adult graffiti artists in Bonn and the surrounding area.

I am chairman of Arts four love e.V..

Colorful perspective

The diversity of life offers me the inspiration to work freely, to take different paths in painting, to try out different styles and techniques.