Nothing is cooler than 3D glasses – and everyone simply has to have a pair!

Recreational facilities and theme parks in three-dimensional black light design are all the rage. It is a trendy pastime for families and sports fans to mini golf, climb or simply chill out in 3D black light themed worlds.

Areas of application for 3D black light art:
Museums + indoor mini golf courses + indoor climbing centres + team laser tag halls + bowling centres + exhibition stands + clubs + bars + meeting rooms + indoor & outdoor corporate events + children’s rooms + workshops and much more.

The best 360° panorama-experience is created by addressing and configuring all room surfaces: the floor, the walls and the ceiling are turned into unique, bright and colourful imagery.

Chromadepth glasses bring imagery to life with amazing 3D effects.

Opt for 3D worlds from our selection of designs or let us help you create a new one according to your individual wishes. Our natural and fantasy-themed worlds or interpretations of real locations will astonish children and adults alike.

With artistic expertise and 3D-effect studies, we deliver highest quality 3D design.

We take your project from inception to completion, advise you on the room layout, background preparation and black light illumination, and design your rooms with unique 3D panoramas.

We’d be happy to send you a custom quote

Finally, let us invite you to go on a small 3D journey through our previous black light art projects: