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3D SnoBox 2023 “the Multiverse – Time”, interactive art installation, Eugen Schramm 2023.

The 3D box contains an interactive digital work of art. The viewer can control the avatar on a projected surface with his eye movements and thus rearrange and compose the fragments of the artwork.

The digital and interactive technology allows users to interact with the artwork and to deal with it more deeply.
The eye tracker, which allows users to control the avatar with their eyes, works without physical contact. This means that even people who are unable to move in all extremities can explore the work of art without restrictions.

The program is more of a playful nature. It’s a simple hybrid of a game and paint program. In this way, target groups should be reached who do not necessarily have artistic skills and still want to experience the joy of design. The interactive art installation can be operated and consumed by people with different social, cultural, physical and psychological backgrounds. I see that as positive and inclusive.

The creation and programming, as well as the functionality of the 3D box was in the foreground at the beginning. In the near future I would like to concentrate more on the artistic component. Further visual effects are planned, as well as the integration of several audio and sound tracks.

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