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Incredible 3D Graffiti sculptures

Graffitistyle-sculpture and Upcycling-Workshop

In the four-day workshop we will make three-dimensional graffiti lettering from wire and various materials, spray and paint them and address sustainability issues. Antonia Windheuser from the MVA Bonn takes you into the topics surrounding waste avoidance and waste recycling in the future. The Bonn artist Eugen Schramm shows you how to artistically use various materials to create fascinating graffiti sculptures. The project is funded by “Kulturrucksack NRW”.

date: Monday 02.04. – Thursday 05.04.2024
time: daily 10-16 h

registration: [email protected]
costs: The workshop is for free

organizer: Eugen Schramm & MVA Bonn
location: Müllverwertungsanlage Bonn GmbH, Immenburgstr. 22, 53121 Bonn

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