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“ARTONEBONN” A graffiti art project for young people from 4 districts of Bonn

March to August 2022

Cooperation partners: Hoffnung leben e.V., ZeSaBo e.V., oneworld café, Juze Lengsdorf
Project management: Eugen Schramm

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In addition to the ongoing efforts to organize legal graffiti walls for the artists in Bonn, in January 2021 I started to implement the concept idea “Artonebonn”, a free graffiti art project for young people in Bonn between the ages of 14 and 18.

I found four committed alliance partners in Hoffnung leben e.V., ZeSaBo e.V., oneworld café and Juze Lengsdorf. In countless team meetings, we developed the project together and finally submitted the application for funding in the “Arts Open Worlds” program of the Federal Association for Cultural Children and Youth Education eV After the funding was approved at the end of 2021, we began the doctorate and recruited over 50 young people for the four district groups Participants, 12 course leaders and lots of assistants for the courses.

The first courses in the Bonn-Beuel and Bonn-West groups took place on March 5, 2022, and the project in the Bad Godesberger and Lengsdorf groups began on March 12, 2022.
In the first phase of the project, the young people can learn various techniques of graffiti art in individual day courses and take part in three excursions, a visit to the studio and museum, and a guided tour of the graffiti town.
And in the second phase, the participants will jointly spray paint four oversized murals in their districts at places open to the public, which will be exposed for a permanent period of time. In this way, the work of the girls and boys is directly perceived by passers-by and residents.

With this project, we want to encourage youth in Bonn artistically and offer them a space for cultural development. We would like to introduce young people to legal graffiti painting and give them an insight into professional perspectives with a focus on graffiti.

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